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Oral hygiene is the basis of complete general health.

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ABOUT Dental Renaissance

Dental Renaissance was established as a multi-speciality Dental Clinic in the heart of Central Delhi in 1998 by Dr. Sunil Datta.

The clinic functions on the concept of providing expertise in dental surgery to impart the top most dental care to the patients.

We specialize in all the basic & latest dental procedures including dental implants, teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, smile corrections, gap closures, fixed teeth, root canal treatment, gum surgery, braces, kids dentistry, laser dentistry, gummy smile correction, metal free crowns/bridges, wisdom teeth extractions, Dental X-rays, etc.

At Dental Renaissance we use the latest cutting edge technology and our vast experience to exceed the patients' expectations. Our main aim is to provide world class dental treatment at affordable costs. At Dental Renaissance, we walk that extra mile to make sure your treatment experience with us is almost pain free. We have a team of caring and friendly professionals, who are trained in the latest techniques.

This team of dedicated and dynamic dentists are committed to:

  • Treating patients with personalized care and compassion.
  • Keeping themselves abreast with latest trends & techniques, by regularly attending Conferences, Courses and Continuing Education Programmes.
  • Giving you the confident smile you always wanted.

Dental Renaissance SERVICES

Cosmetic Dentistry

Teeth Bleaching

Porcelain Veneers

Crown and Bridge

Cosmetic Filling


Tooth Jewellery

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Dental Implants

Dental implant is recommended for treating patients who only have one missing tooth or multiple missing teeth. Denture wearers often suffer due to loose dentures, and dental implants may offer many benefits to such patients who have no teeth of their own. The stability of the dentures is improved with the use of even two dental implants with attachments, the procedure can also help to preserve the patient's jaw bone and retard the shrinking of the jaws that is routinely seen in long-term denture wearers.

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A orthodontics is the branch of dentistry that specializes in the prevention and correction of dental and facial irregularities. The dentist who specializes in this field is known as an Orthodontist.

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Root Canal

A root canal is a capillary, which runs from the base of the root of the tooth to the middle of the crown (the visible part of the tooth).

The root canal carries the pulp (a network of blood and nerve cells), which brings the tooth to life.

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Gum Treatment

Periodontal Gum Disease

It's kind of important to understand any gum disease that affects approximately 95 % of the adult population. Periodontal gum Disease is a disease of pockets. A pocket is the space between your gum tissue and the root of your tooth. This space tends to trap bacteria which can cause all kinds of problems if left to their own devices. These pockets are analogous to sending your pants to the dry cleaners.

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Surgical Dentistry


Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Dental cyst enucleation

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Children Dentistry

Managing children on the dental chair is a specialized task which involves scientifically proven techniques.

This is done through special behaviour management techniques which involve motivating the child and eliminating unreasonable fear of the dentist's chair. It is also called Pediatric Dentistry.

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What People Say

Our Testimonials

It was completely painless. I feel very grateful now, because I am not afraid to see the dentist anymore.
I can't say enough about Dr. Datta, as a person and a dentist. I was terrified of going but once there, his office and he were very pleasant and comforting.
I saved a fortune on dental work at dental renaissance, had dental treatment done in 10 days instead of 6 months and also had a good time to go sightseeing.