Tooth Jewellery

  • Tooth jewellery is a brilliant way to add sparkles to your smile and stand out of the crowd.

  • Tooth jewellery is the latest thing in cosmetic dentistry - and it's popular with people of all ages.

  • Surprise your friends with a sparkling crystal glass design, or something in gold with a twinkle of ruby or diamond.

  • These tiny little designs are great fun, and because there's no drilling involved, they won't harm your teeth . und and under the bridge. They may recommend various cleaning aids to help you keep the plaque off and prevent further decay and gum disease.

  • At Dental Renaissance, we're committed to maintaining the health of your teeth. The tooth jewellery we use and the procedures for applying it have been tried and tested, so you can wear our tooth jewellery with confidence.

  • The procedure is very simple. Just like an orthodontic bracket, the design is bonded onto your teeth.

  • It's easy to change or remove and usually takes about 10 to 15 minutes.